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España, Technology for Life.

España, Technology for Life is a campaign to showcase Spanish tech businesses and sectors.

New Technologies from Spain

Industry to Support Industry

The Industry of Science 2010

The Industry of Science 2010

Building scientific research facilities depends upon the expertise and technologies that emerge from the private sector, and Spanish engineering, scientific, and construction companies are making significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge worldwide.

Scientists smash atomic particles to discover secrets of the beginnings of the universe. They fuse the nuclei of atoms in an attempt to re-create the conditions that enflame the sun and furnish it with limitless energy. Researchers build telescopes here on Earth and send satellites out into space in search of a deeper understanding of our planet, our galaxy, and the cosmos beyond. Behind these massive scientific undertakings stand hundreds of companies around the world that strive to meet the needs— and dreams— of the scientific community.

Spanish companies participate in contracts for major scientific installations that are worth more than 420 million euros a year. Manuel Serrano heads the scientific program of Spain's Center for the Development of Industrial Technology, an agency tasked with financing research projects and assisting Spanish companies to reach international markets. "We're always working with companies to innovate, so that instruments for scientific teams will be the ultimate, the most advanced products, " says Serrano. These advances, he adds, can extend beyond the project itself: "The development of technology for scientific installations has a very interesting component, that these technologies can also be adapted for consumer products in the future."

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